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Epoxy Shine New Jersey's Expert in Garage and Epoxy Flooring Solutions

Welcome to Epoxy Shine, where we specialize in transforming garage and indoor spaces with premium epoxy flooring solutions tailored for New Jersey’s homes and businesses. Our 7+ years of experience in the industry, coupled with advanced epoxy application techniques, position us as the authority in crafting durable, high-performance floors.

Starting with a vision to elevate garage and interior floors beyond the ordinary, Epoxy Shine has been committed to excellence from the outset. We understand that a garage is more than a place to park your car; it’s a space for work, creativity, and storage. That’s why we offer epoxy floors that are not only aesthetically appealing but also resilient against stains, impacts, and the test of time.

We identified the robust and versatile nature of epoxy as the ideal solution for flooring that needs to resist the daily wear and tear while also providing a sleek, clean look. Choose Epoxy Shine for your flooring projects in New Jersey, and experience a floor that combines practicality with the polish of modern design.

Epoxy Flooring Solutions

Our Industrial Epoxy Flooring systems are visually stunning and unique to each clients needs. Want your company logo set in your new floor? That’s easy! But there’s more to our commercial epoxy floors than being beautiful. They’re more affordable upfront than conventional flooring. And down the stretch ease of cleaning and maintenance cuts costs even more.

What Types Of Epoxy Do We Install?

  1. Garage Epoxy
  2. Basement Epoxy
  3. Clear Epoxy
  4. Waterproofed Epoxy
  5. Chemical Resistant Epoxy
  6. Heavy Traffic Epoxy

You'll be floored by our selection and prices!