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Garage Epoxy in New Jersey

Epoxy Shine is your premier garage floor expert in New Jersey. We proudly offer our services across the state, specializing in industrial-strength garage floor coatings. Each garage floor is unique, highlighting the need for a specialized approach. Epoxy Shine leverages industry-leading technology to deliver the most resilient and cost-effective epoxy floors available. Our range includes various flake floor designs, neat systems (solid color), and other finishes to satisfy your specific requirements. Garages, typically subjected to heavy traffic and where cars are parked, demand quality coatings. Inferior epoxy paints and acrylic coatings can chip and fail. At Epoxy Shine, we begin with diamond grinding, a crucial step for garage floors. An epoxy primer follows, ensuring robust adhesion for subsequent layers. Our base coat is not only durable but also integrates a custom mix of polymer flake chips, enhancing the epoxy’s strength and adding slip resistance. Choose from an array of textures for your flakes. We finalize the flooring with a tough polyaspartic top coat, and also offer hybrid coatings that combine poly with urethane. Epoxy Shine is New Jersey’s leading garage epoxy expert!

Epoxy coatings are the perfect solution to give your garage floor a modern, decorative touch. Widely chosen by homeowners and businesses, these floors are exceptionally easy to maintain. You’ll be delighted with your new garage floor, especially knowing it was installed by the professionals at Epoxy Shine. Our floors are not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to last a lifetime.

Versatile Uses of Epoxy Flooring

Residential Garages: Transform your home garage into a durable, stylish space.

Commercial Spaces: Ideal for businesses needing a robust, easy-to-clean flooring solution.

Industrial Areas: Engineered to withstand the rigors of heavy industrial use.

Public Facilities: Perfect for government buildings, offering longevity and ease of maintenance.

Recreational Venues: Enhance sports arenas and stadiums with high-performance, aesthetically pleasing floors.

Epoxy Flooring Varieties for Every Need:

Customized Residential Floors: Tailored designs to match your home’s unique style.
Heavy-Duty Commercial Epoxy: For businesses requiring a floor that can handle high traffic.
Industrial-Grade Solutions: Floors that stand up to the toughest industrial challenges.
Non-Slip Options: Prioritizing safety with slip-resistant finishes.
Chemically Resistant Surfaces: Ideal for spaces exposed to harsh substances.
Low-Maintenance Models: Floors designed for easy cleaning and upkeep.
Garage Epoxy Floors

Get an Epoxy Quote:

Getting a professional garage floor quote is simple. Call us today or complete our contact form. Our team is ready to assist with any residential or commercial garage floor project. Most of our epoxy floor solutions can be installed in just 1-2 days. Let us handle the hard work! For a reliable and professional installation, turn to Epoxy Shine – fully licensed & insured. Contact us to start your garage epoxy project!