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Metallic Epoxy Flooring Solutions by Epoxy Shine

Where Artistry Meets Functionality in Flooring

At Epoxy Shine, we pride ourselves on delivering state-of-the-art metallic epoxy flooring services. Our team has been trained by some of the world’s most renowned epoxy flooring experts, ensuring that every project we undertake is a masterpiece in both design and durability.

Why Choose Metallic Epoxy Floors?

Versatility: Perfect for both residential and commercial settings, including showrooms, retail spaces, and modern homes.
Durability and Safety: Excellent slip resistance and easy maintenance, ideal for waterproofing basements.
Aesthetic Appeal: An extensive palette of colors and finishes to choose from, ensuring a perfect match for any design preference.
Our Range of Metallic Epoxy Floors

Garage Metallic Epoxy: Transform your garage into a vibrant, durable space.
Basement Metallic Epoxy: Create a waterproof, stylish basement area.
Showroom Metallic Epoxy: Ideal for enhancing the appeal of retail and display spaces.
Residential & Commercial Applications: Tailored solutions for homes and businesses alike.

Crafting Exquisite Metallic Epoxy Floors

Metallic epoxy floors are more than just a flooring option; they are a statement. Each floor is a unique piece of art, with intricate layers that create stunning, dynamic effects. Our meticulous process involves:

Surface Preparation: We begin by expertly grinding the concrete to ensure optimal adhesion of our deep penetration primer.
Custom Base Coat: Depending on your choice, we apply a base coat in various colors like black, tan, grey, or white for marble effects.
Metallic Layer: This is where the magic happens. We apply a thick, marbled coat with a choice of hundreds of colors, creating a mesmerizing metallic effect.
Protective Top Coat: A durable urethane layer is added to protect the metallic floor from heavy traffic and wear.

Get Your Free Metallic Epoxy Floor Quote

At Epoxy Shine, we offer complimentary quotes for our metallic epoxy flooring services. With over 20 years of experience and having installed over 1 million square feet of flooring, we are the industry leaders in metallic epoxy applications. We handle both commercial and residential projects, ensuring that each floor is installed with the highest level of skill and precision. Contact us today by calling our office or filling out our contact form for top-quality service and stunning results!